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      Global Tech 2017 in Beijing Shows the Power of China AI

      2017-11-27 09:33:00 Huanqiu.com 分享

        The evolution and application of Artificial Intelligence will be a key topic at Global Tech 2017, scheduled for Nov. 30 at Vintage (Lang-yuan), Beijing. The conference will be held by Global Times Online (huanqiu.com).


        When asked about the major trends of this year's conference, AI must be the hottest topic in the industry. If you attend some developers’ forums in China, you will find people pay a lot more attention to AI instead of Hadoop and Docker in the year of 2017. 

        The AI revolution is well and truly upon us, and we are at a significant watershed moment in our lives where AI could become the new electricity – pervasive and touching every aspect of our life. While many industries including healthcare, education, retail and banks have already started adopting AI in key business aspects, there are also new business models which are predicated on AI.

        McKinsey estimates say that as many as 60 percent of today's professional categories could outsource up to 30 percent of their workload to AI. With the global market of AI expected to grow at 36% annually, reaching a valuation of $3 trillion by 2025 from $126 bn in 2015, new age disruption is not only redefining the way traditional businesses are run, but is also unfolding as a new ‘factor of production’.

        To illustrate how AI influence our life, Huawei, the 5G frontier, is invited to our conference and talk about how the IoT world is achieved with the advent of 5G, while Microsoft reveal the secrets about human affection in AI within its successful experiences on “teen girl AI”. Alibaba will demonstrate the future smart city. Samsung will discuss the revolution of the intelligent phone. Baidu, as the biggest AI company in China, will share their insights on intelligent transportation. Meanwhile, Sharp and Hisense will illustrate the picture of future smart home.

        Registration fee will be free, but the tickets are limited here.

        Exhibitor spaces will also be available. Organizations who join the sponsorship will be entitled to an exhibit space. To reserve an exhibit space, please contact:Ye, Lin-Yu at 010-52937800-762 or yelingyu@huanqiu.com