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      Infiniti to produce new SUV in Dalian in 2018

      2017-12-13 10:59:00 環球網 分享

        Infiniti will begin to produce a new SUV in China in 2018. The company said the manufacturing factory in Dalian, a northeastern city in China, will be responsible for the production and the factory will be its second local-production base.

        This year marks the tenth year for Infiniti’s entry into China market and the third anniversary for the establishment of Dongfeng Infiniti. In September, Infiniti sold 4,479 vehicles in China, up 19 percent year on year while the total sales in the first nine months reached 33,800 units with a year-on-year increase of 16 percent.

        Up to now, the premium brand has locally produced two models in China, Q50L and QX50. Altogether, Infiniti sells ten models in China, four sedans (Q50, Q50L, Q60, Q70L) and six SUVs (QX30, QX50, QX60, QX70, QX80, ESQ). In September, the total delivery of the two locally-produced models was 2,376 units while the cumulative sales of the first three quarters reached 19,800 units. Among the imported models, QX60 achieved the highest growth rate in September. Compared with the same month of last year, QX60 increased 20.7 percent.

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