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      SanKoBot Releases Groundbreaking Smart Cleaning Robot to Compete with Global Industry

      2017-10-17 09:17:00 環球網 分享

        SanKoBot, based in Shanghai and Shenzhen, has released its groundbreaking Smart Cleaning Robot on October 13th at the Hong Kong Consumer Electronics Trade Fair. With a backlog of orders booked by customers, SanKoBot will go into mass production in coming weeks. The Smart Cleaning Robot is uniquely powered by VSLAM and Artificial Intelligence technologies, placing it ahead of industry titans such as iRobot, Dyson, which to date have invested hundreds of millions of dollars to develop their lines of products.

        “SanKoBot was founded in Shanghai and Shenzhen just two years ago but from Day-1 our strategy has been dual-tracked, pursuing markets both in China and the US, with a foothold in Israel,” says Robert Li, Founder and CEO of SanKoBot. “We are ambitious, in the next phase we plan to launch products that will out-perform Amazon’s Alexa and Echo – we will break the mold in the industry. SanKoBot is exceptional in that it capitalizes on hardware supply chains in China’s Pearl River Delta (PRD), as well as AI and computer vision knowhow in Shanghai, Silicon Valley and Israel, to provide a complete visual system, simulating the functions of the human eye.”

        “People spend at least 8 hours a day at home, which makes Home AI a multi-billion dollar market,” asserts David (Dadi) Perlmutter, former Intel CPO and SanKoBot Advisory Board member. “This is definitely a blue ocean.”

        With a variety of sensors that are commonly available on consumer robots or smart devices, Sankobot’s Smart Cleaning Robot seamlessly integrates multiple data streams to build its intelligence about the surroundings in a highly robust fashion. Based on the state-of-the-art computer vision and artificial intelligence technologies, the robot continuously creates 3D visual landmarks, recognizes key objects, entrance, exits and boundaries of each room, and creates a complete 3D map of an indoor environment as it navigates through a room. The technique achieves remarkable performance and delivers exceptional user experience with minimal computing resources that are available on low cost embedded systems. The new solution enables the robot to sense its location with an accuracy as high as ±1cm at a frame rate of 20 fps with vision alone and 100 fps with the aid of other sensors such as IMU and odometer. After it creates a map, the robot can quickly localize itself even when it is lifted up and placed in a random spot within 1 second. Unlike other feature-based vslam techniques, Sankobot’s vslam solution can handle the most indoor environments, including those with low textures, low or very strong light, as well as fast change of light conditions. Some of the most challenging environments are shown in the figures below.

        Above pictures are from the real situation that taken from the Robot at 3G Hall of Hong Kong Consumer Electronics Trade Fair (top-left) and from home environments. Sankobot’s vslam techniques can still works very well in these challenging environments.

        “SanKoBot has the most robust technology and is the only company that can have real product into massive production in China”, an R&D engineer named: Mr.Yan Shengfeng (Chinese name: 嚴盛峰) from SanKoBot’s customer attended in the trade fair, “People only talked and talked but never have product available or mature enough well integrated into real one, look at the lighting situation around, even at this worst situation in 3G Hall of Hong Kong Consumer Electronics Trade Fair, It can still works very well. It is amazing”.

        Aviad Maizels, Founder and President of PrimeSense and SanKoBot Advisory Board member puts it succinctly: ”SanKoBot is assembling the missing pieces of the industry into the next-generation consumer robotics Personal Assistant, which in fact is the holy grail of owning home-related information.”

        “SanKoBot’s components are to Home Robotics as Mobileye is for the automotive industry,” summarizes Robert Li.

        “Thanks to the team & fellows who help us, in fact we have the Smart Cleaning Robot with our technology demo ready early this April and demoed for one of China internet Giants at that time, it is really hard work by our team made up of Gurus in AI, high-end Computer Vision, Neuroscience, Imaging, Optics, real-time/embedded system design, Camera, IoT, Robot, AGV, logistics and System on Chip Design. Almost each of them have over 15 years industry experience in each industry, before they join in us, they are backbones or even CTO or Cofounders from top corresponding companies.

        Here, We want to build something really great and new for AI (In our side, AI means: Aging Countries(Over 68 countries are aging, most of them are developed countries like France,German,Japan,Singapore,Greece,Russia,even China and USA) + I(Information, Internet, Intelligence), More and more product is coming on very soon.

        We have bigger dream than Amazon Echo in Home AI, enable the next generation of Automated eCommerce”, Robert emphasized.

        About the team, Team are made up of backbone or CTO or cofounders of the following comapnies: Cortica, Numenta, Shadow Creator,XiaoYi,United Technoogies, Panasonic, ,SanYi Group,Rafael,CSG Group,Broadcom,GalaxyCore,

        IBM, XiaoMi,Dahua,iRobot,Xrobot,Ecovacs, Ubtech,Hisilicon,etc.

        Thanks to the top fellows or even pioneers & partner from Allwinnertek, Qualcomm,HuaWei,PrimeSense,Intel,SmartSens,OminVision,GalaxyCore,Aptina,Rafael,Dahua,etc. the company is like a rocket, the team is expanding and we are hiring, Welcome top talent in AI, Cloud, Internet, BigData, embedded system, hardware, software,etc with entrepreneurship who want to become the best of themselves to join in us , starting a great journey together to contribute for A.I.

        SanKoBot is the quintessential technology company of the future, creating a Robotic Personal Assistant (PA) that resides at the household together with humans and pets, enabling and supervising all aspects of the Smart Home, interacting intuitively with humans and the physical world around it. SanKoBot’s products integrate artificial intelligence, software and hardware to provide a complete Smart Home solution targeted for the China, US and global markets. SanKoBot is differentiated from industry incumbents and upstarts through its established presence in China’s innovation hubs, Silicon Valley, Israel’s Silicon Wadi and Singapore.

        SanKoBot, Perception System, Perception Analytics.

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