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      Next Generation YotaPhone Named “Best of MWC”by Dozens of International Tech Experts

      2014-03-03 09:06 環球網科技 我有話說 字號:TT

        The next generation YotaPhone topped thelist of the best and most innovative gadgets and devices at MobileWorld Congress (MWC), the “world’s greatest mobileevent,” according to more than a dozen leading internationalbusiness and tech media outlets.


        The next version of the dual-screen,always-on YotaPhone was unveiled at this year’s MWC andreceived top honors from CNN, Time Techland, Computer Bild, ExpertReview, Laptop Mag, PC Mag, Tech Central, PocketLint, T3,Tom’s Hardware, Tom’s Guide and Ubergizmo, amongothers.


        The next generation handset builds onthe first version of YotaPhone, which is available in Russia,Germany, France, Spain and Austria and will expand to 15 othermarkets in Europe and the Middle East in the next several months.The next generation YotaPhone includes full-touch control on thealways-on display, bigger and better AMOLED and EPD displays,significant specification upgrades, and a thinner, sleeker and evenmore beautiful design.

        “We are very appreciative thatmany tech writers attending MWC recognize the innovative anddisruptive nature of the next generation YotaPhone,” saidYota Devices CEO Vlad Martynov. “By adding full-touch controlto the always-on display, the next generation YotaPhone is evenmore interactive and intuitive. We have taken a great and totallynew concept in smartphone and made it even better.”

        More than 10,000 MWC attendees cameby the Yota Devices stand for hands-on reviews of both the firstand next generation YotaPhones, as well as the company’s fastand reliable connectivity devices.