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      Sculpteo unveils 3D Printing Batch Control

      2014-01-15 09:12 環球網科技 我有話說 字號:TT

        The latest feature of Sculpteo.com takes 3D printing beyond on-demand manufacturing and into mass-production. Sculpteo expands its 3D printing service especially for professionals and businesses in need of short-run manufacturing. Sculpteo.com allows users to upload a 3D file, change the size and dimensions of the object directly within the browser, select a printing material, and order their design to be 3D printed and shipped. 

        The new Batch Control feature gives users greater control over the quality and pricing of multi-unit orders. Batch Control includes:

        • Visualization of your entire order inside the printer

        • Optimized positioning of your models to give you the best price

        • Instant per-unit pricing comparison when you change the quantity of prints

        • Two levels of print resolution to modify the thickness of the print layers

        • Three finishes including glossy varnish, satin polish, and double polish

        • Ability to control the direction of the print layers within your objects by adjusting the

        z-axis orientation of your models

        • Preview simulation of each layer of your print to ensure everything is correct


        3D printing doesn't offer the same economies of scale as traditional manufacturing methods. But with Batch Control, customers can save up to 35% by ordering multi-unit batches that are optimized for the 3D printing process. The unique visualizer shows the entire order inside the printer tray. Objects are automatically arranged to optimize the printing area for the lowest price. The visualizer also illustrates any empty space, enabling the user to fill the extra space without necessarily paying more for the additional objects. 

        Clement Moreau, co-founder of Sculpteo says, "Ordering multiple objects directly on our website turns 3D printing into a real manufacturing solution. By making it cost-effective for people to order higher volumes, Sculpteo is taking 3D printing beyond prototypes and on-demand manufacturing and into mass-production."

        Sculpteo is ideal for designers, studios, startups, and small businesses to manufacture their products with 3D printing. Sculpteo 3D Printing Batch Control is the ideal, fastest and cost effective manufacturing tool which is perfectly adapted to produce objects for crowdsourced / funded projects. Sculpteo has produced volume orders for several hardware companies including Withings, a line of smart products for consumers, and Camboutik, a range of specialized cameras for extreme sports.

        About Sculpteo

        Founded in 2009, Sculpteo is an online 3D printing service based in Paris and San Francisco. We makes it accessible and affordable for anyone to create 3D printed products. We offer superior 3D file support and repair, fast turnaround, and high quality printing in 10 different materials and multiple finishing options. SCULPTEO.COM